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Foreign Currency transfers for South Africans

Through our association with Tor FX and their global partners we are able to provide you with a means to transfer your foreign currency into or out of Australia. 

MigrationBuro association with Torfx

Tor FX through their partner are able to assist all South African clients. They are able to help you get money out of South Africa, no matter what the circumstances. They offer all the hygiene factors like best rates, no commission, no hidden costs, personalised service etc., but the most important service is that they assist clients navigate exchange control. That means working with both the Revenue Service (tax authority) and the Reserve Bank (exchange control). They have inhouse tax practitioners specialising in cross border transfers who have significant experience in dealing with the Reserve Bank and their exchange control rulings.

They pride themselves on on a 98% first time approvals for clients from both regulating bodies

Their key offerings for you will be financial immigration, blocked funds, annual allowances (discretionary (under R1m), investment (R10m) and special dispensation (over R10m) and estate proceeds. They are also able to assist with business transfers related to import / export payments, International Directors fees, share and dividend pay-outs, foreign loan regularization as well as FDI from SA companies into offshore businesses.

It may be complicated and sound confusing to most, but the team at Tor FX have the proven track record. Click for a FREE Quote.


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