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Income requirements for Subclass 191 Skilled Regional Visa

The subclass 191 came into effect on November 2022 and allows people who have lived and worked in designated regional areas of Australia on a Subclass 491 or Subclass 494 visa, to live and work in Australia permanently.

To be eligible for this subclass 191 visa you are required to:-

  • ​​​​​​have held an eligible visa for at least 3 years, and complied with the conditions of that visa​

  • You must have had a taxable income at or above a specific income threshold for at least 3 years while holding your eligible visa​

  • You do not need a sponsor or nominator for the subclass 191

Income Year Requirement for 191 Visa

Applicants for the Subclass 191 visa need to show that while they held their subclass 494 or subclass 491, they earned at or above the income threshold.

You must show earnings of at least $53,900 per taxable income year for three years whilst holding an eligible provisional visa. Although this threshold is currently set to $53,900, this amount may change over the course of your visa so you do need to be aware of changes that may impact you.

As the holder of a Subclass 491 visa it is permissible for you to have multiple sources of income in your regional area to earn the required minimum income.

An income year for Subclass 191 is a relevant income year for an applicant if:

  • the income year ended before the date of subclass 191 application; and

  • the applicant held a regional provisional visa (Visa 491 or visa 494) for all or part of the income year


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