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Finding an Employer Sponsor

Employer Nomination

I often get asked the question "how can i get employer nomination?"

Finding a job or sponsor is no different than anywhere else in the world when looking for a new employer make finding that job, your job.

Also consider rewriting or re-positioning your CV for each application.

Your strategy should be multi faceted and go beyond sending out the same old CV again again. Some broad tips to consider

  • Make use of your personal networks

  • Explore international transfer options with your current employer

  • Apply to companies directly

  • Use social media sites such as Linkedin, facebook

  • Contact recruitment firms

  • Apply to advertised jobs.

Job Listings for Jobs in Australia

Australia has many job boards ranging from sites a very broad range of occupations to very industry focused sites. Here are some of the job boards we recommend our clients consult when undertaking a job search in Australia:


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