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1 Nov 2021 update - Apply for a Visitor Visa for Parents

As of 1 November 2021, parents of Australian permanent residents and citizens will be allowed to enter Australia under a recently announced change to the classification of ‘Immediate Family.’ Previously, parents were not recognised as immediate family members permitted to enter Australia under exemptions to the COVID-19 travel rules.

Under the new rule, parents will have to be fully vaccinated but will not have to undergo hotel quarantine.

Currently only Sydney has lifted the ban on international arrivals but the other states are expected to follow suit.

If you do not hold a current valid visa you will be required to apply for a new visitor visa and exemption to travel.

What is important is that parents must apply for a travel exemption PRIOR to travelling to Australia (you will not be allowed to board the aeroplane if you do not have the exemption) if the parent does not hold a current visa, or holds a temporary visa such as a Sponsored Parent (Temporary) visa subclass 870 or visitor subclass 600 visa.

If you would like further information on the upcoming changes to border restrictions, assistance applying for an inbound travel exemption or for further assistance with any other Australian migration matters, please contact our office.


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