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How do i get my parents to Australia?

Parent Visa for Australia

Each week we receive a number of emails and phone calls relating to parents overseas.

So now that you have your permanent residence or citizenships of Australia, how do you et my parents to Australia? 


The answer is not always the same and it depends on factors, such as how many children the parents have, how old are the parents, where are the parents currently, do they expect to travel, what is their nationality etc.


There are many things that may impact your decision, so once we understand your circumstances. we can present a number of strategic options.

 I'd like to invite you to make contact with me by clicking the button below and together we can get the parent visa process underway so your family can be reunited as soon as possible.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.

Andrew Heathcote MARN0850840

To discuss your Parent Visa Strategy

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