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Thank you for visiting MigrationBuro. We are a Mara Registered Migration Agent based in Cleveland, Queensland.


If you are thinking about making a move to Australia, then we would encourage you to take a further look at the information and services we can provide to ensure your immigration process goes ahead in a well-advised and supportive environment. We will tailor a migration solution for you!


You need to do it right the first time as moving to a new country is a huge challenge generally fuelled by many emotions, insecurities and uncertainties, and the key to success and settling down quickly in a new country is to be armed with an informed process every step of the way.


We have years of experience and know what needs to be done. MigrationBuro has gained a reputation of given frank, direct practical advice. We will give you specific advice and identify the risks and pitfalls you need to be aware of.

Tailored advice will result in appropriate and constructive decisions about applying for your visas, which will allow you to live and work in Australia.


MigrationBuro is a registered migration agent with the ability to provide solutions to highly complex and routine Australian immigration issues.



Australian Registered Migration Agent

Migration procedures are complex and rules and regulations change all the time.

  • Need advice or information about Australian visas and immigration?

  • Thinking of migrating to Australia?

  • Do you want to sponsor an overseas employee?

  • Do you want to sponsor your partner or another family member?​

  • Do you want to study in Australia?

  • Are you on a student or working holiday visa and are you looking for a way to stay in Australia permanently?

All Australian Registered Migration Agents must have Immigration Law qualifications. We can assist you with visa applications and can also provide assistance and support for related issues that may arise. Our MARA Registered Migration Agents strictly adhere to the MARA Code of Conduct.

Why you should only use an Australian Registered Migration Agent


Business Visas

Whatever type of business visa you’re looking for, we’ll be able to advise on the correct way forward. Whether you’re a business owner or investor, let us guide you through the process to ensure smooth sailing through the relevant channels

EmployER Sponsored VISAS

There are plenty of options out there for employer-sponsored visas whether you’re an employee looking to further your stay in Australia or you’re a business looking to retain talent. Talk to us about the recent changes and how this might affect you migration journey


Choose the correct family visa and reunite your family or loved ones.  Talk to our experienced migration agents to understand what visa is best for you according to your circumstances


If you have a particular profession or trade and think that you might be eligible for a certain skilled visa please contact us to discuss your migration options




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